Find us at Stanford Drupal Camp 2015!

We are super excited to be sponsoring and participating another year at Stanford Drupal Camp – the awesome event that brings together Drupalistas from the Bay Area and the University. Check out our sessions and stop by the Four Kitchens booth for stickers and pencils! There’s also a limited number of Four Kittens t-shirts up for grabs!

The Great Consolidation - migration case study presentation

At 1am Pacific on January 29th, 2015, Entertainment Weekly quietly switched to Drupal 7. Ten WordPress VIP blogs and a monolithic Vignette V6 Content Suite were deprecated. Over a half million articles and images were migrated to a new design and modern publishing platform, and Four Kitchens led the development.

On February 27th, 2015, three of the web chefs on the project presented a migration case study to a full room at SANDcamp 2015. Myself, Matt and Patrick fielded questions about the project. While no recording was available, I’d like to share the presentation with you.

Weekly watercooler #98

This week’s Watercooler is packed with awesome. Start using element queries, celebrate Leah’s birthday with us, check out the SassConf schedule, and learn about the new remote debugging protocol being developed by Mozilla.

Announcing the Four Days of Four Kitchens at DrupalCon Austin!

We are thrilled that DrupalCon is coming to Austin in exactly one month from today! We want to share the best our city has to offer with everyone visiting, so we are putting together four exciting days of activities aptly called the Four Days of Four Kitchens, or #4DaysOf4K for short (with hashtag!). These are some of the activities we have planned for you the week of DrupalCon Austin.

Why SXSW Interactive is good for business

SXSW is just about to start. In fact, it’s already started: SXSWedu, a relatively new offshoot of the SXSW mega-brand — kicked off yesterday, stretching the overall event to a full two weeks. That’s fourteen days of sessions, workshops, parties, and business cards. Piles of business cards. Fistfuls of business cards bursting from your pockets and spilling onto the beer-soaked floor of a temporarily rebranded bar on Sixth Street.

Todd Ross Nienkerk
March 5, 2014

Jekyll event schedule

While working on the DrupalCamp Austin schedule, I was surprised to find that there weren’t any Jekyll templates or plugins available for event schedules. Since it was relatively simple to put one together I want to share some code we generated in the process of hosting the event.

Like many community-driven conferences, DrupalCamp Austin is a multi-day, multi-track event with lunch breaks, keynotes, and evening events like parties. These templates were built to easily handle all of that, so if your event is similar they will probably work for you. Read on for a breakdown of our Jekyll-powered event schedule.

Countdown to SXSW 2013: Four Kitchens Session Proposals

The SXSW Interactive Conference continues to expand and cover a wider variety of topics every year. While this keeps the conference on the cutting edge of new technology, it also means that certain topics are lost, never to be resurrected again. In the last few years, topics about Drupal have been slim to none. However, the relevance of Drupal as a CMS is still as important as ever.

Cecy Correa
August 16, 2012

Training the Web Chef Way

When the Four Kitchens’ team of web chefs develop a new training course, our guiding principle is: Provide a strong return on investment. You invest the time traveling to the training, attending, and afterwards, practicing the skills acquired. You also invest the energy and effort necessary to develop new skills. You place your trust in the trainers to guide you from where you are now to where you need to be. In return, we invest our time, energy, and best effort in creating training experiences that give you a stronger, more relevant, skillset and the confidence you need to apply it.