Find Four Kitchens at BADCamp 2015

The Web Chefs are assembling in Berkeley this week for another great BADCamp. The Bay Area DrupalCamp is one of the largest DrupalCamps in the country, and a Web Chef favorite! We’re excited to be offering a sold-out training on Headless Drupal and sessions galore. Plus, we’re hosting a party on Friday night with our friends from Aten and Kalamuna. Stop by our sponsor booth to say hi, and to find out about our current career opportunities!

Weekly watercooler #135

4K news this week

  • We launched Continuum Analytics! Congratulations to Continuum and our 4K team for a successful launch – you’re awesome!
  • 4K Partner and CEO Todd Ross Nienkerk recently returned from a trip to the Owner Camp conference, an amazing intimate event for digital agency owners put on by our friends at the Bureau of Digital.

Weekly watercooler #134

In this issue: The Web Chefs are taking Europe by storm in preparation for DrupalCon Barcelona and there’s still a chance to register for a Four Kitchens training, lots of JS links, a major battle introduced by iOS 9, and psst…We’re currently hiring!

WebPageTest for power users

Howdy, perfers! This week is short and sweet: a duo of videos for WebPageTest power users. It was presented at Velocity 2014 by Patrick Meenan, the creator of Read on to learn about some interesting features I learned about.

Weekly watercooler #133

In this issue: We’re hiring! Check out the open positions and apply to join the Web Chef team. Plus, a birthday celebration, Dustin is attending NERDSummit, and it’s not too late to sign up for our DrupalCon Barcelona trainings! Our favorite links this week include a case for better swag (nice t-shirts anyone?) and open-source NASA graphics.

Test local development environments with ngrok

Local development is convenient and fast. It rids us of network latency and allows more rapid iteration while building a website. Ignoring that latency until you deploy can hurt your site’s performance. Read more to learn a few techniques for doing initial performance testing on local sites.

Eliminating Roundtrips with Preconnect
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Chris Ruppel
September 8, 2015

Weekly watercooler #132

In this guest edited issue: David’s REST Easy series continues with the process of adding entity references to your API endpoints, Joe’s notes on how to become a better designer, Chris describes how to use AdvAgg for optimizing CSS and JS aggregates in Drupal 7, and Flip introduces ES2015 objects in a practical way. Plus, new licensing schemes for popular IDEs, engineering the Death Star exhaust port, and more!