Weekly watercooler #102

In this issue: BADCamp 2014 accepted sessions, holiday sweaters, beer pipelines, SA 2014-005, design in exchange for food, and Twitter audio.

Cecy Correa
October 17, 2014

We're hiring a Support Developer!

Four Kitchens is searching for a full-time, highly motivated support developer with a passion for open-source technologies and a penchant for customer service. Applicants must be committed to honest and clear communication, and enjoy working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Elia Albarran
October 14, 2014

Weekly watercooler #101

In this issue: winning Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, Todd Nienkerk on the Huffington Post, Velma Magazine, DrupalCon Amsterdam wrap-up; plus how bad UX can kill, the future of GIFs, useless digital, and the useless web.

Cecy Correa
October 10, 2014

Weekly watercooler #100

In this issue: come see us at DrupalCon Amsterdam, Instagram CSS3 filters, ontology is overrated, Douglas Crockford: the better parts, iPhone promo products from Japan, Go-powered robots, tree simulator MMO, and typewriter simulator.

Cecy Correa
September 26, 2014

Weekly watercooler #99

In this issue: Our work on Full Plate Living wins an award, NVIDIA proves the moon landing was real, Pantone beer cans, ultimate Super Mario, and dudes in startup shirts.

Cecy Correa
September 19, 2014

Weekly watercooler #98

This week’s Watercooler is packed with awesome. Start using element queries, celebrate Leah’s birthday with us, check out the SassConf schedule, and learn about the new remote debugging protocol being developed by Mozilla.

Use element queries today with eq.js

With responsive images this close to landing natively in several major browsers, everyone has turned their attention to the next major hurdle: element queries. You might be asking yourself what an element query is. Read on to find out all about element queries and how you can use them today!

Weekly watercooler #97

In this issue: 1000ms renders, frontend roundup for DrupalCon Amsterdam, SXSW 2015 proposals; plus, graphing relationships between entity types, FocusPoint.js, the end of Agile, dry erase markers in a can, the healthiest way to work, and Taco Text.

Cecy Correa
September 5, 2014

A practical guide for 1000ms renders

Howdy perfers! This week we’ve got a good one for you. Web chef Ian Carrico has written an extensive how-to documenting his journey to the mythical 1000ms render. The post is featured on his own blog where he worked the magic, and it’s accompanied by both the code that powers his site along with a full Ansible script allowing you to set up a similarly-configured server on your own. Read on to find out more.