Throttled Thursdays

I really enjoy the process of making websites faster. It’s my job, so I bring it up whenever I can. But it’s not everyone’s job. It can be a tough problem to keep at the top of your mind when fast internet is always available. I want to encourage everyone to slow their connections down every thursday and experience the web as a mobile user. Read on to find tools to help you do the same!

Responsive Multi-Column Lists with Flexbox

Vertical Centering.

Those two simple words used to bring fear and trepidation to anyone having deal with the shortcomings of vertical-align: middle. Thankfully, Flexbox has saved the day in that regard.

DrupalCon LA: Headless roundup

Building decoupled sites has become staple of our architectural quiver here at Four Kitchens and we are extremely excited about how much interest there is in building headless and decoupled Drupal sites at this year’s DrupalCon. I put together this handy list of talks about topics related to headless and decoupled sites.

Mike Minecki
May 4, 2015

Weekly Watercooler #122

In this issue: One more week to DCLA, more Webperf Wednesday, and saying goodbye to longtime Web Chef Cecy; plus, using the new .rodeo TLD for fun, designing in the browser, and a super fantastic GIF.

Elia Albarran
May 1, 2015

Automating critical CSS without blocking rendering

This week let’s talk about the critical rendering path and how to avoid render-blocking CSS. This technique is widely hailed an essential method to reduce your time to render, but sometimes using automated tools to generate this CSS can cause the exact problem you’re trying to solve. Don’t worry though, it’s easy to prevent.

Weekly watercooler #121

In this issue: Come hang out with us at DrupalCon LA: we’re speaking, training, playing Drupal Games, and bowling with Aten and Kalamuna! Plus, Markdown Here, more responsive media sites, Apple vs. Android, and another awesome Slack integration.

Elia Albarran
April 24, 2015

How to set a performance budget

Tim Kadlec recently teamed up with Akamai to create a short, informative video about defining and maintaining a performance budget. It's a great introduction to the concept, clearly explaining both the technical and organizational challenges of including performance within the development process. Watch video.

Creative Mornings Boston, A Recap

Creative Mornings presents the same topic across cities, but how each city handles the topic is up to them. This means there are different approaches to a topic per city. This is a recap of the last few Creative Mornings in Boston, from a Web Chef perspective.