Weekly watercooler #113

In this issue: how to make your node.js modular, San Diego food recommendations, Camp Sass, CSS Dev Conf; plus Blue Cat Cafe, Meteor Package Manager, Manatí’s headless Drupal app, short books for designers, and hero responsive images.

Cecy Correa
February 27, 2015

Make it Modular

One of the most powerful features of node.js is its package manager, npm, and the wealth of modules it gives you access to. By using node modules you can leverage work done by other members of the community and spend more time focusing on solving your specific problem. There are other benefits to node modules though: they make your code more testable by splitting out non-critical logic, they make your code more maintainable by reducing the code paths through code you’ve written, and they improve the organization of your overall project.

SANDcamp food and drink recommendations

I know all you SANDcampers are hungry for something fantastic while you’re visiting San Diego. Well, you’re in luck! I’m fortunate to call San Diego my hometown and I’m here to give you some recommendations for some of the most delightfully delicious food and beverage options in town.

Matthew Grill
February 25, 2015

Weekly watercooler #112

In this issue: the Web Chefs talk about working remotely, we’re all geared up for SANDcamp 2015, a reminder to submit a session to DrupalCon Los Angeles; plus, building culture, making the web a fluffier place, HTTP/2, how to automate Tinder, and avoiding technical debt.

Elia Albarran
February 20, 2015

Have you submitted your session proposal to DrupalCon LA 2015?

Every year, thousands of open-source developers and business professionals travel great distances to share news, experience and knowledge. Oh, and consume fantastic food and drink with friends that we only see a few times a year. And explore new places and do goofy stuff that becomes the talk of legends. Is it all fun and games?

Four Kitchens at SANDCamp 2015

Four Kitchens is coming to San Diego next week for another great year at SANDcamp! And we are making a big splash at this year’s camp with a total of six sessions and a revamped training on responsive web design.

Enforcing coding standards in Meteor

In this post, I’m going to discuss the importance of enforcing a strict and clear coding standard in your Meteor applications, and then provide you with some tools that will make the process easy.

Weekly Watercooler #111

In this issue: DrupalCon Latin America, Cecy was a guest on a podcast, celebrating Jeff Tomlinson’s birthday; plus, a fun Tumblr, getting started in frontend development, written communication and graphic novels, an interesting documentary, caring about work, and Pantone art!

Elia Albarran
February 6, 2015

Visítenos en DrupalCon Latino 2015

¡Los “Web Chefs” vienen a DrupalCon Latino!

Four Kitchens presentará tres charlas en la conferencia. Aquí es donde nos podrás encontrar:

Cecy Correa
February 3, 2015