Weekly watercooler #91

In this issue: DrupalCon Amsterdam training with Ian Carrico and Chris Ruppel, how our Web Chefs are nominated for an Emmy (sort of), plus The New Yorker goes responsive, Net Neutrality and Comcast, Particle Fever, and testing Hotel wifi.

Cecy Correa
July 25, 2014

Design, Prototype, and Style in Browser

As Brad Frost aptly points out, the core pieces of responsive web design (fluid grid, flexible media, and media queries) are only the tip of the iceberg. In our latest training session at DrupalCon Amsterdam, the Web Chefs will show you how to level up your responsive design skills to create amazing experiences across the web.

The intersection of film, web, and the future of content

As technologists, we often use the word “content” interchangeably with a variety of forms: blog posts, images, videos, and more. But is that term derogatory towards content creators? Is there a better way to refer to “content”? These are some of the questions Christopher Nolan’s editorial on the future of film as digital content ignited amongst our team.

Cecy Correa
July 21, 2014

Weekly watercooler #90

In this issue: DrupalCon Amsterdam training announced, and we wish a happy birthday to Vivek Goel; plus, how RWD is bad for performance is good for performance, clipping in CSS and SVG, the world’s first family robot, Tweak Style code editor, and the big deal with headless websites.

Cecy Correa
July 18, 2014

Weekly watercooler #89

DrupalCon Amsterdam training announced, OS X productivity tips for developers, sysadmin casts, when REST gets messy, and responsive ads by ZURB.

Cecy Correa
July 11, 2014

Weekly watercooler #88

In which we talk about the Kalabox Kickstarter from the fine folks at Kalamuna, 5 steps to a successful company retreat, plus we welcome a new Web Chef! Links include Designing with Dynamic Content, Legos for a DIY Device Lab, a Mountain Simulator, and an Emoji-only social network.

Cecy Correa
July 3, 2014

5 steps to a successful company retreat

Four Kitchens recently hosted our company retreat here in Austin, Texas and it was a blast! The last time the whole team was in one spot was our holiday party last December. At the time we were 17 employees — 16 located in Austin and one in California. In 2014, we’ve grown to 22 employees — now spanning four time zones and two continents — so it was a momentous occasion to have all of us in town for the entirety of DrupalCon and the retreat. Memories abound!

Here’s how we made it an event to remember and how you can too!

Weekly watercooler #87

In which Taylor Smith shows you juicy email tricks with Javascript, we bring our RWD class to Twin Cities Drupal Camp, and we win some awards. Links include Google Chrome emulation, the Google Web Starter Kit, the redesign of Can I Use, and The Simpsons in CSS.

Cecy Correa
June 27, 2014