Weekly watercooler #121

In this issue: Come hang out with us at DrupalCon LA: we’re speaking, training, playing Drupal Games, and bowling with Aten and Kalamuna! Plus, Markdown Here, more responsive media sites, Apple vs. Android, and another awesome Slack integration.

Elia Albarran
April 24, 2015

How to set a performance budget

Tim Kadlec recently teamed up with Akamai to create a short, informative video about defining and maintaining a performance budget. It's a great introduction to the concept, clearly explaining both the technical and organizational challenges of including performance within the development process. Watch video.

Weekly watercooler #120: 9th year anniversary edition

4K news this week

We are celebrating our 9th year anniversary today! Instead of your usual weekly watercooler, we want to tell the story of Four Kitchens in pictures.

From our first booth at a DrupalCon…

Cecy Correa
April 17, 2015

Creative Mornings Boston, A Recap

Creative Mornings presents the same topic across cities, but how each city handles the topic is up to them. This means there are different approaches to a topic per city. This is a recap of the last few Creative Mornings in Boston, from a Web Chef perspective.

Weekly watercooler #119

In this issue: DrupalCamp Stanford 2015, party at DrupalCon Los Angeles, Headless Drupal and Frontend Performance training, and UX methods; plus WIRED’s new multimedia stories, the look and feel and feel, Game of Thrones pixel art, Fabricator and GIF of the week.

Cecy Correa
April 10, 2015

Find us at Stanford Drupal Camp 2015!

We are super excited to be sponsoring and participating another year at Stanford Drupal Camp – the awesome event that brings together Drupalistas from the Bay Area and the University. Check out our sessions and stop by the Four Kitchens booth for stickers and pencils! There’s also a limited number of Four Kittens t-shirts up for grabs!

House of Cards: Four research techniques for website redesigns

When redesigning a website, it can be quite a challenge to figure out how to structure the new site navigation and reorganize the content. Card sorting and tree testing research methods can help no matter what part of the design process you’re in by helping you define and validate information architecture through feedback from real users. Learn how these methods can save you a ton of time and development costs by preventing major usability problems.

Work that makes a difference: Relaunching World Pulse

Earlier this year, the Four Kitchens team launched the brand new WorldPulse.com and we have been extremely proud of the reception of the new site. As a company, we strive to work on projects that do good in the world. Our mission is to change the world by setting knowledge free, and as a result, we seek to work on projects that further our mission. The strong alignment between Four Kitchens and World Pulse has made this project truly special. If you want to learn more about what makes this website special, look no further.

Weekly watercooler #118

In this issue: FourKittens.com, deploying Meteor.js apps, Headless Drupal and Frontend Performance training; plus The Metagame, Tabbie.io, Jekyll Conf, Crystal Knows, and ESPN goes responsive.

Cecy Correa
April 3, 2015