Weekly Watercooler #108

In this issue: Tips for getting started in open source development, a lesson on the intricacies of CSS’s nth-child selector, build and deploy scripts for Drupal, an introduction to Meteor, how to use the Singularity grid system, and Best Korea’s hacking fallout in Austin.

Aaron Stanush
December 19, 2014

How to get started in {open source} web development

Over the years I have gotten a few emails on how to start in web development. It has been incredibly flattering that people have looked to me for that advice, but I have always been at a loss at how to respond. Small pieces of advice constantly come to mind yet I’ve been unsure how to distill it in a way that would be helpful to others.

Ian Carrico
December 15, 2014

Weekly watercooler #107

In this issue: testing your Javascript app with sinon.js, welcoming a new Web Chef; plus, the President codes, the worst font ever, minimum vacation policies, advent calendars for geeks, headless Drupal from Palantir, and a Sass/patternlab workflow solution that uses Vagrant.

Cecy Correa
December 12, 2014

Testing JavaScript applications with sinon.js

As developers, we know how important testing our code is and furthermore how much we can gain from automating these tests. That said, most modern web systems are inherently difficult to test due to their interconnected nature. Depending on the architecture of your application it’s at best tedious to test just your code and at worst impossible.

Weekly watercooler #106

In this issue: troubleshooting your dev environment in OSX Yosemite, extracting data from Drupal entities the right way, app desgn with Sketch 3, Davey Awards; plus how Google can tell if you’re a robot, the email monster, light painting, famo.us, and Firefox’s answer to Google Hangouts.

Cecy Correa
December 5, 2014

Local development with OSX Yosemite

Immediately after upgrading I noticed my local instance of Apache wasn’t working. I expected this.

In this post we’ll briefly look at some updated configurations for Apache to let you keep using dynamic vhosts, explore the source of Chromium, and get wildcard SSL certificates working.

Extracting data from Drupal entities the right way

If you’ve ever had to extract data from Drupal entities you know it can be a painful process. This post presents a solution for distilling Drupal entities into human-readable documents that can be easily consumed by other modules and services.

Be a Web Chef: We're hiring a Frontend Developer!

Four Kitchens is hiring a Frontend Developer. If you have a passion for open-source technologies and love making cool, innovative stuff for the web, then YOU should apply!

Elia Albarran
November 20, 2014