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Elia Albarran
November 20, 2014

Four Kitchens - Where are your recipes?

When you work at a company whose name does not immediately describe what it does, you end up explaining what “Four Kitchens” means a lot. After the explanation, the first question is some version of “Are you all a bunch of foodies?”

While not universally true, many 4Kers ARE foodies.

Scraping websites into Drupal using Feeds and

Recently, I was faced with an interesting challenge; develop a system for importing thousands of hand-build sites into Drupal. One of the tools that we encountered in our research was, a web data platform and web scraping tool. This blog post will take you through the steps of using to bring content into a Drupal site.

Weekly watercooler #105

In this issue: Fine tune your presentation skills, build web apps with Meteor.js, BADCamp 2014 Arcade; plus, No More Javascript, RIP United Pixelworkers and Tom Magliozzi of Car Talk, browsers for developers from Mozilla, and color highlighting in Sublime Text.

Cecy Correa
November 7, 2014

Getting started with Meteor

There’s been a lot of talk recently about a new JavaScript framework called Meteor, especially since the project just reached version 1.0. I’ve had the opportunity to build several Meteor applications using the beta, all of which are now running in a production environment. Through these experiences I’ve learned a lot about about how Meteor works, so I thought I’d share some of my knowledge.

Patrick Coffey
November 6, 2014

Weekly watercooler #104

In this issue: Halloween costumes and scary movies, winning a Davey Award, why Drush Make Me is temporarily down, CasperJS series continues, and what developers have in common with Van Gogh. Plus, taco apps, Mineblock, old masters, chiptune instruments, and Windows 93.

Cecy Correa
October 31, 2014

Testing Drupal with CasperJS

In our last post we used CasperJS to rapidly test the user interface of a website. Now we will build on these skills and add a familiar element into the mix: Drupal. Like any framework, Drupal offers many predictable, standard behaviors which we can take advantage of. Using this predictability, we can easily test many behaviors including logged-in activity such as posting content.